Make a Sick Day Sick Kit

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It’s sick season. From the flu to big, bad colds, plus the dreaded Norovirus, a lot of kids are sick — and just after a long break from school.

When the kids are home sick with the sniffles, or on the mend but can’t go back to school due to school policies, don’t let their minds melt away staring at the TV or playing video games.

Follow these tips to keep their minds clicking while their bodies recuperate.

1. Have a box packed with new activity books, markers and art supplies for creative exploration.

2. Talk to your child’s teacher to pick up worksheets or books that help keep him from falling behind on class work.

3. Find an educational documentary to watch that introduces them to something new. National Geographic, Animal Planet or HIstory Channel show could work.

4. Pick up some new books, a comic book or find a new, easy E-reader for your child to relax and read. Take a break and read with them.

5. Bring out the blankets, pillows and chairs to build a special fort where they can rest, read and recuperate.