Lollipops-The Magic Orchestra: A Halloween Spectacular

Lollipops 315

Hi! My name is Cyre Clark. I am the kid reporter for Charlotte Parent magazine and am here to review Lollipops- The magic Orchestra: A Halloween Spectacular. So, without further ado, here is my experience of the Lollipops concert, A Halloween Spectacular.

The Lollipops concert A Halloween Spectacular was a great experience, fun for kids and adults. It was especially great for the kids because they learned and heard great classical music by famous composers such as Beethoven and Bach. The best part? It’s not boring. You see, none of the Lollipops concerts are boring. They are kind of like movies, but better. They are basically plays. During the plays there is music in the backround. To make it more of a learning experience, the actors acknowledge the music. So, they make the music part of the play.

Like in the Lollipops concert A Halloween Spectacular, they had the director playing scary music (classical music, of course)and then a person from this company called N.I.C.E thinks the music is too scary. So all through the play the person from N.I.C.E is trying to stop the director from playing the music! It’s very interactive too. The actor who plays the N.I.C.E guy gets three kids from the audience to help him stop the scary music. But, it doesn’t work. The person really makes a fool out of himself as well. The director also uses his “magic” to try and make the person from N.I.C.E realize that the music really is not that scary. It was great!

Before the concert there were all kinds of booths with activities that the kids could do to pass the time. There were crafts, games, and even booths where the kids could actually play different instruments! That’s pretty cool huh? The Lollipops concert A Halloween Spectacular was a very fun and educational experience for the whole family. I would recommend it for every family that has a kid(s) ages eleven and under.

Reporter Cyre Clark is the daughter of web editor/marketing manager, Meaghan Clark