Innovation and Chicken Pizza Crust

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Riding into work today, heard the new announcement on WFAE that Domino’s has the answer for folks who love fried chicken and pizza, and don’t want to choose one or the other for dinner: Specialty Chicken. What’s that you ask? Basically it’s pizza that has breaded chicken in place of the crust or fried chicken pieces with pizza toppings. Chief marketing officer Russell White proclaims “Our new Specialty Chicken is one of the most creative, innovative menu items we have ever had.”

In an era of a highly absurd percentage of obese adults and children this doesn’t seem like a great idea. I suppose some could argue that the breading on the chicken is equal to the crusta and the chicken just adds protein, but I’m going to say it just sounds like too much. So much of the fast-food, junk-food out there is just that too much! Sodas served in cups that you could wear as a hat, French fries that you super size (maybe not anymore, but still they serve a lot), burgers loaded with onion rings and calorie-laden sauces, and a waffle taco. I wonder if there is an army of mad food scientists employed to come up with the most ridiculous combinations of food and then let the masterful marketers sale them to mouth-watering fast-food lovers, because some of this stuff you couldn’t come up with on your best college hangover day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love some salty sweet combos, and I <3 pizza. I am a fan of chicken on my pizza rather than its greasier meat counterparts, but can we just quit with over-the-top combination food creations like a fried chicken crust. Busy families are often running through drive-thrus or ordering pizza. Many fast-food restaurants are trying to make their menu choices healthier, but this doesn’t fall into that category (see the nutrition facts here). This is a temptation, a unhealthy temptation we can do without.

As we are revved up for the Fit Family Challenge, I’m challenging myself to try and find healthy, convenient alternatives to easy, greasy fast food. Check out tips from our team of experts in our Fit Family Challenge blog and then sign up for our Fit Family Challenge to receive weekly emails with fitness and nutrition tips, plus the chance to win a trip to Universal Orlando® Resort.

And in the meanwhile, consider this alternative pizza recipe instead of the fried chicken crust.