I Love Pets!

Walker Doermann

It’s no secret that children love animals. While some already have a beloved pet, others wish for one to call their own. These books explore this topic that is so close to children’s hearts.

I Wish I Had a Pet by Maggie Rudy is a precious picture book that introduces young readers to the joys and trials of caring for a pet. Rudy has lovingly crafted felt mice and photographed them to illustrate the responsibilities that come along with adopting a new pet. Preschoolers will love the delightful details in the pictures, while also learning the importance of keeping a pet healthy and safe.

Dog Days of School by Kelly DiPucchio is the clever story of a young boy who is surprised to find that his wish to be his dog has been granted. Charlie is tired of going to school every day, and he envies the laid back life of his dog, Norman. However, after a few days of participating in dog activities, such as playing fetch, going to the groomer, and even drinking out of the toilet bowl, Charlie begins to rethink his aversion to school. This humorous book will appeal to the early elementary crowd.

Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo tells the unique story of a young girl, Flora, and her most unusual pet. It all begins when cynical, comics-loving Flora looks up from her book one summer day to see the surprising sight of her neighbor vacuuming up a squirrel in the yard. After rescuing the squirrel, who Flora names Ulysses, she discovers that he is no ordinary creature; he has super powers! Adventures and hilarity ensue. Told with dry humor, this is a wonderful tale of the power of friendship to transform lives. At times both poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, this Newbery Award Winner is sure to please upper elementary readers.

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