Girl Scout Barbie Causes Controversy

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Barbie has done it again, and made headlines as the newest Girl Scout. She joined the troop as part of a $2 million deal with Mattel, reportedly stirring debate in consumer groups who say Barbie is not the right role model for the Girl Scouts.

Good role model or not, I don’t like how she bought her way in for $2 million. Seems like an interesting message: If you have enough money, you can join us, even if you don’t exactly align with us. But it’s business these days in America, like it or lump it. 

I don’t think it’s so terrible there is now a Barbie who gets to play the girl scout. The girls who play with the dolls can decide what she does. Maybe they’ll set up cookie stands, or go camping. It’s not like she’s talking and telling them that they need to work on their girly figures, which we all know is absolutely impossible to obtain, except for this one. I do think it’s weird that there is now a Barbie badge the Girl Scout members can earn. There are also Daisy and Brownie patches to be earned. These are the first patches with corporate sponsorship. 

The “Be Anything. Do Everything” patch is earned after girls learn about different career paths, and how their interests align with different careers. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood said that a game on the Girl Scouts’ Barbie-themed website encourages girls to identify careers based on attire – “from a veterinarian in a frilly miniskirt, to a pink-suited U.S. president, to a race car driver in stilettos.” Hmm, you have to wonder doe they cover corporate marketing as part of that career choice exercises.

The new Barbie debuts this week. She’s wearing pink pants that compliment her green patch sash and beret.