Four "Paws-itively" Perfect Books About Pets

Taking care of a pet is a special rite of passage for a child. Check out these four new books about choosing and caring for our furry family members. 

Lola Gets a Cat is the newest story in a long line of tales featuring Lola and her family. After visiting the library to read books about cats, Lola pretends that her stuffed cat is real. Once Lola has proven to be responsible, she and Mommy do some further research and learn how to adopt a cat. They visit the shelter and shop for supplies before Lola finally brings her new cat, Makeda, home. It takes a while for Makeda to adjust to her new home, but Lola is patient and they eventually become good friends.

How Do Dinosaurs Choose Their Pets by Jane Yolen is the perfect pet book for young dinosaur enthusiasts. Each page features rhyming text and vibrate illustrations of several different types of dinosaurs with unusual pets. Ultimately, the dinosaurs find more suitable pet choices by visiting shelters, pet stores, or farms. 

Puppy, Puppy, Puppy by Julie Sternberg is a sweet story about a baby and puppy who love to do everything together, especially making a huge mess! They make a mess of breakfast in the kitchen, a muddy mess in the garden, and even a soapy mess at bath time. When naptime threatens to separate these two, they decide to take matters into their own hands and paws, proving that a puppy really is a baby’s best friend.

In What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss, an unnamed boy and his sister Kay visit a pet store to choose the perfect pet. Faced with what seems like countless options (dog, cat, puppy, kitten, fish, bird, rabbit), the pair begin to dream up more fanciful options in true Seuss style. Originally written in the 1960, this book was published posthumously in 2015. It is very reminiscent of another Seuss favorite about a cat.

All of these books are great picks for animal lovers, pet people, or families considering a pet as they illustrate the responsibilities and rewards of having a pet. 

Alesha Lackey is the children’s services manager at Beatties Ford Road Regional Library with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. She has two dogs, Blue and Kiwi, ages 8 and 5.