Editor's Note (July 2019): Summer Bucket List Inspiration

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A co-worker recently told me about a Day of Yes she scheduled for her kids. On the Day of Yes, the kids get to pick what they want to do to fill the day, and she says yes to their requests. Her kids are 3 and 5, so the requests are manageable and include things like a trip to the splash pad, ride the Lynx Blue Line, frozen yogurt before dinner and a trip to see the new Mr. Potato Head exhibit at ImaginOn. Her Day of Yes inspired me. What a great way to let the kids be heard for a day, and free the parent from schedule constraints and putting limits on things. (I’m thinking a personal Day of Yes is a good idea for everyone now and then). 

I’ve also seen social media posts with neatly crafted summer bucket lists created by moms and kids. The lists typically are a mix of water exploration, bike rides, adventure, travel, a little bit of reading, educational excursions and a whole lot of activity. With the Day of Yes inspiration and summertime schedule wide open, I’m working on a summer bucket list for my family. A few day camps are on the summer agenda, but I want to make this summer one that’s not overscheduled, leaving more room to say yes to ideas as they come up. There are so many places to play and explore in the area that I’m confident we can keep busy, but at a smooth summertime pace.

If you are still working on your family’s summer bucket list, this issue is filled with ideas. Keep cool visiting one or all of the 17 places we recommend in the feature to get soaked. Lego lovers must visit Discovery Place Science’s latest exhibition Towers of Tomorrow, and go on a search for one of the missing golden bricks. When you are ready for an adventure out of town, consider glamping. There are several glamping resorts in North Carolina that offer different amenities, each with a central theme of spending time outdoors without sleeping on the ground. Stargazing from an air-conditioned dome anyone? (Read more here.) If you love ice cream or other cold, icy treats, we share 10 best bets for where to try a new flavor, here. Settle in, it’s summertime!