Editor's Note (April 2019): Time to Give Something New a Try

Kids menus have always tripped me up. You can count on chicken tenders, the ubiquitous grilled cheese and usually some form of burger and fries at just about any type of restaurant. Kids menus are consistent with the assumed favorite foods of children, but where’s the variety? Dining out can be a battle of wills, but what if you veer away from the kids menu? Many restaurants have vast menu choices with large enough portions that it’s possible to order a variety of items to share. Some children are picky eaters, but by encouraging the “give-it-a-try method,” kids are introduced to flavorful new foods. They may balk at the idea of trying something different from the usual, but upon tasting might find they actually like something other than bread, cheese, chicken and well-done burgers. The feature “Redefining Kids Meals” offers suggestions for making a dining out plan with ideas on how to break habits and break into new cuisine. 

If you have a child who doesn’t particularly love athletics, the “Not-So-Sporty Kid” feature offers ideas for how to help him or her keep active without the push to join a sports team. One tidbit of advice from the experts: Live by example. Kids learn by watching their parents, so get moving and chances are they will follow suit. Whether it’s walking the dog after dinner, biking or jogging around the block, give it a try. An active family lifestyle can help keep your children — and you — moving and healthy. When you need a change of scenery for outdoor exploration, lace up your walking shoes, pack the scooters and bikes, and head to a local greenway. Mecklenburg County has more than 50 miles of existing greenways. Let the feature story “Get Going on a Greenway” be your guide to the different types of terrains and distances you can find on the county’s greenway system. 

Easter is April 21. There are plenty of Easter events and egg hunts happening in the weekends leading up to the actual holiday. Find the big list of happenings here. Happy Easter, Earth Day and happy spring.