Dig in to Build a School Garden

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Have an interest in building a school garden, but have no idea where to begin? Join the Green Teacher Network Feb. 18 from 9am-1pm at The Park Expo for its Gardening 201 Workshop.

The event is open to teachers, parents and community members who are interested in starting a school garden. Get tips and hands-on demonstrations on how to compost and plant raised beds, as well as the basics of planting.

The workshop is hosted by Green Teacher Network that is made up of community organizations, including The Catawba River District, Mecklenburg County Health Department, Mecklenburg Food Policy Council and Friendship Gardens. Register through Feb. 11. Cost is $10 and includes lunch. Get all the details on the Green Teacher Network website.

If you haven’t heard of the Green Teacher Network, they are doing some awesome things to promote hands-on learning through schoolyard gardening and the local food eco-system. Its goal is get more kids interested in learning about fresh, healthy foods, as well as tie in a STEM component of learning through hands-on gardens.

Makes sense because kids remember digging in the dirt, eating something they watched grow much more than just reading about it in a text book, especially for children who have had no exposure to gardening and the concept of how food is grown and gets to the grocery store.

To illustrate the ability for schoolyard gardens to positively impact every student, every teacher regardless of subject matter or age, The Catawba River District along with numerous community partners has developed the Ultimate Schoolyard Garden Display at the upcoming 2014 Southern Spring Home and Garden Show.

The display will showcase ideas that range from window boxes to aquaponics (hydroponic gardens and fish farming in a closed loop water system) within an array of recycled garden pallets. Each component of the garden showcase will be recycled back to area schools through donations and drawings.

Learn more about the Ultimate Schoolyard Garden Display.