Did you know? ADHD Statistics


Dr. Russell Barkley is an award winning physician and a national authority on ADHD. The statistics below are taken from Dr. Barkley’s research and more information is available – including a comprehensive list of books and Web sites at

• A classroom with 30 students will have between 1 and 3 children with ADHD.

• Boys are diagnosed 3 times more often than girls.

• Emotional development in children with ADHD is 30% slower than in their non-ADD peers. A child that is 10 years old will have the emotional development of a 7 year old; a 20 year old will have the emotional maturity of a 14 year old.

•One fourth of children with ADHD have serious learning disabilities such as: oral expression, listening skills, reading comprehension and/or math.

•65% of children with ADHD exhibit problems in defiance or problems with authority figures. This can include verbal hostility and temper tantrums.

• 75% of boys diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have hyperactivity.

• 60% of girls diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have hyperactivity.

• 50% of children with ADHD experience sleep problems.

• Teenagers with ADHD have almost four times as many traffic citations as non-ADD/ADHD drivers. They have four times as many car accidents and are seven times more likely to have a second accident.

• 21% of teens with ADHD skip school on a regular basis

• 35% of teens with ADHD drop out of school before finishing high school.

• 45% of children with ADHD have been suspended from school at least once.

• 30% of children with ADHD have repeated a year in school.