Diagnosing Autism Before Birth

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A recent research study indicates that the autism can begin in the second trimester of a mother’s pregnancy. With one in 68 children age 8 are now diagnosed on the autism spectrum according to recent numbers released by the CDC, the new research information is huge because people want answers as to what causes autism, and moreover what can be stop those numbers from climbing.

There is now evidence that shows autism begins before birth, thus further debunking the idea it’s a result of vaccinations or solely environmental factors. In a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that the brains of autistic children showed differences in certain regions that normally develop in the second trimester of pregnancy.

You can read about the science behind it in the TIME magazine article, but overall the study found genetic disruptions in the children with autism that are not prevalent in children that do not have autism.

So what’s this mean outside the research labs? With more research, it is possible for even earlier diagnoses (meaning before a child is a toddler) and earlier behavioral intervention could be implemented to help lessens symptoms of the disorder and “rewire” a child’s brain. 

More to come on this I’m sure. In the meanwhile, I liked this from the Huffington Post about 34 Things Autism Is, and 34 Things Autism is Not.