Common Core Under Debate in N.C. Legislature

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I’ve been out of touch with the news for a few days while I retreated to Hatteras Island for a wedding weekend. On return and checking some emails, I saw this news: NC Committee recommends replacing Common Core with state education standards.

Last week a state legislation group proposed dropping the Common Core curriculum in favor of standards that “meet North Carolina needs.” The draft bill is expected to surface in the N.C. legislature in May and would replace Common Core standards in reading and math with education benchmarks set by the N.C. Board of Education, in consultation with a new Academic Standards Review Commission, made up of political appointees.

The “political appointees” part scares me already. I’m not a fan of political self-righteousness and this feels a lot like that to me. Though the Common Core is not loved by all, perhaps disliked by most, it’s still in its early stages. Teachers have been going through rigorous training and its caused uproar in classrooms with new test standards and curriculum. That said, I’m a believer in you have to stay the course long enough for the wrinkles of change to shake out and then see some real results. 

I am upset that so much of our kids’ school days are spent learning in order to make the grade on a test, but frankly if my child is learning and learning something valuable, I’d dismiss the standardized test score. Of course, if I want him to go to college, I suppose I can’t entirely dismiss those scores, but to me those seem somewhat a side note to actually learning something that is applicable in life. Check out this story by Charlotte-Mecklenburg teacher Robert Leichner in US News who is a proponent of Common Core because it does help integrate all subjects into holistic lessons and increases critical thinking. 

Stay tuned, there’s definitely more to come on this issue.