Books for Back to School

New School Books

There is a lot to plan for in the coming days as children are heading back to school. Charlotte Mecklenburg Library can help bridge the transition from summer to a new academic year with great school stories.


 Dad’s First Day by Mike Wohnoutka (2015)

Oliver and his dad had a great summer full of fun and relaxing activities.  Now it is time for the start of school and Oliver’s dad is not handling it well.  Dad has a constant stomach ache and is worried that Oliver will not adjust.  Oliver is more than ready to meet his classmates and begin new adventures.  Follow Oliver as he reassures his dad that everything will be okay in this role reversing tale for preschoolers.

 Monsters Love School by Mike Austin (2014)

Monster School is about to begin and it is time “for learning your ABCs and 123s and XYZs!”  Follow monsters in this adventure as they are introduced to the crossing guard, cafeteria chef, and various teachers for the first time.  Monster School is packed with exciting activities in this picture book that new students will easily relate to.

 Field Trip by Susan Nees (2013)

First and Second Graders are sure to enjoy this title in Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe series.  Missy is headed on a field trip to the state capital and she cannot wait to visit the gift shop for souvenirs!  Her partner for the trip is Oscar who wants to meet the governor.  Oscar knows all about the governor even his motto of “Make it happen, and make it snappy!” A surprise twist in this beginning chapter book is sure to spark children’s interest.

 Field Trip by Gary and Jim Paulsen (2015)

Ben Duffy lives and breathes hockey.  All Ben wants is to make it into Brookdale Hockey Academy.  Little does Ben know that his parents have other plans for him which includes catching up with his class to join a field trip.  On this road trip his dad takes the old company ice cream truck as well as an eclectic travel group.  Alternating chapters written by Ben’s two border collies makes this a humorous tale for upper elementary students.

 Just Jake by Jake Marcionette (2014)

Sixth grader Jake moves with his family from Florida to Maryland in the middle of the school year to find his life turned upside down.  In Maryland, sixth grade is still considered elementary school and he is no longer a cool middle school student.  Jake must use his talent of being awesome at everything to figure out how to fit in.  When a classmate takes Jake’s card collection filled with facts and popularity ranks he has created for students in the school, Jake realizes he is in serious trouble.  Photographs and drawings are sprinkled throughout this book which was originally written by a 12 year old boy.

Emily Nanney is a Children's Services Coordinator at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library