Blaming Babies for Healthcare Costs

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Though he retracted his words, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong really put his foot in his mouth when he told all the AOL employees that retirement benefits were getting cut because of a couple babies who had cost the company a lot in healthcare costs.

Really! REALLY! Last time I checked, we pay for insurance to cover the cost of the those unexpected medical emergencies, diseases and sicknesses.

Mom Deanna Fei wrote a very poignant piece for Slate to explain her side of the story. It was her daughter that was one of the babies that Armstrong referenced at his town hall speech. The story got lots of coverage this weekend, but if you haven’t read it, take a look.

She was having a perfectly normal pregnancy when suddenly things changed, and she went into labor at five months into her pregnancy. No risk factors, no previous problems. Thank goodness her family had insurance and access to medical care.

Her daughter is now a thriving 1-year-old, but yet Mr. CEO had to make the case that this family had cost his company so much money that he was going to have to take from other employees. Did he miss business ethics class 101?

How about take a cut on your salary Mr. CEO? Or take a stand on how insurance premiums and the insurance industry is adjusting it’s premiums and costs to pad pockets. 

All I’m saying is, don’t blame the baby!