8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With the Kids

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Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22. It’s a day designated to recognize how valuable nature is and what it provides, and to take a minute to learn how to preserve those valuable commodities from Mother Earth. And based on the way the weather has flip-flopped this year, I think teaching kids about the value of nature is important.

Although Earth Day has a serious underlying message, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t fun ways to celebrate it with your children. Holly MacLean, founder of Wee Urban organic children’s clothes, suggests the following to celebrate Earth Day with your kids.

1. Walk them to school. Walking not only saves you gas, but it decreases the amount of pollutants released into the air. Create a fun game to play on the walk, such as who can spot the most/coolest animals.

2. Plant something. Most kids love getting dirty, so this is a great one! Whether it’s a seed, a flower or a tree, creating new life is always great for the environment. Once it grows you are left with either yummy food you grew yourself, or a beautiful flower to remind you that you did something great for the Earth.

3. Make a poster. Make a poster that says “Happy Earth Day” and then have your kids decorate it. This will encourage conversations about the Earth and help your child to learn about how to preserve it. After it’s done, hang it on your front door. Not only will your child have had fun coloring, but your neighbors will be reminded that it is Earth Day.

4. Decorate a recycling bin. Take your regular old recycling bin and let your children decorate it. While they are having fun painting trees and birds, inform them about the earth and why it is important to take care of it.

5. Take pictures. Whip out the digital camera and have the kids go on a walk to find their favorite tree or garden, and then take a picture of it. Once you are back home, have a slideshow with the pictures. Ask the kids why they liked that spot so much, and explain to them how they could preserve it.

6. Turn the lights off. Create a game where if someone forgets to turn the lights off when they leave a room, they owe $.25 to the Earth Day jar. This is a good way to teach them how preserving energy can help the environment.

7. Donate. With the kids, go through your house and bag all of the things that your family no longer uses or wears. Once you’re done, take the bags to a local place that accepts donations. This teaches kids about reusing, recycling and giving.

8. Sing. There are many Earth songs on the internet that you and your children could sing along to. Even making up songs about why the earth is so special would be fun and informational.

And even though it’s spring and the birds are chirping in delight with all the seeds and berries to eat (earthworms too), you could make this eco-friendly bird feeder. And check our calendar of events for local Earth Day events.