5 Tips to Stay Positive While Getting Healthy

Positivehealthy 315

One day at a time.
Rather than set your sights on the end goal, which can feel overwhelming and unattainable at first, break it down to manageable monthly, weekly and daily goals to keep you motivated.

Celebrate little successes.
When you meet one of your mini-goals celebrate your success with a family movie night, a bubble bath or a day at the park. It’s important to acknowledge that you’re working hard and moving forward.

Overcome setbacks.
If you slip from your routine, let it go and get back on track. Don’t wait for Monday, the next workout or even the next meal.  Take a look at your goals, celebrate your progress and keep going.

Strength in numbers.
Get the whole family involved, and share your story with friends so they can hold you accountable and celebrate when you succeed. If everyone is involved, you’ll have an instant support system and a great way to bond.

Go beyond numbers.
Identify the positive changes in your life that go beyond numbers on a scale or measuring tape. Think about how you’re sleeping better, stressing less or spending more time with your family. These are the true successes on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

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