5 Tips for Creating Healthy Habits

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1. Pick one.
Changing too much at once will lead to frustration and giving up. Choose one habit to add or change to your normal routine and focus on just that one until it truly becomes a habit.

2. Schedule it.
Choose specific times when you will exercise and write it on your calendar. Make specific meal plans for weeknight dinners. Find childcare, if necessary, and plan ahead so you can keep your commitment to yourself.

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3. Schedule it with someone.
You’re even more likely to stick to your plan if it means you’d have to otherwise cancel on a friend or colleague for your weekly yoga class.

4. Make it manageable.
Few people can stick with a goal such as running a 10K every day of the week. If you’re new at this, think small bites, like running for 30 minutes two or three times per week or giving up one soda per day.

5. Reward yourself.
Use gold star stickers on a workout chart whenever you complete a small task. Treat yourself to that pedicure or smaller-sized pants when you’ve reached a bigger goal.

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