5 Spooktacular Halloween Lunchbox Specialities

There's still time to sneak these Halloween surprises into their lunchboxes

Surprise the kiddos with these easy-to-make lunchbox Halloween treats.

1. Boo Bananas.

It doesn't get much easier than this. All you need is a banana and chocolate chips.

Boo Bananas

2. Spider PB&J.

No special sandwich cutter needed, just a simple circle, some pretzel sticks and raisins. Done!

Spider PB&J

3. Mummy Juice Boxes.

If you don't do juice, you could also wrap a water bottle in masking tape and add googly eyes. 


4. Party Pumpkin.

Peel a tangerine and pop a green or brown M&M on top.

Party Pumpkin

5. Monster Mouth.

Apple slices, peanut butter and yogurt covered raisins (or you could use small marshmallows or candy corn).