5 Books to Feed Your Child's Brain This Summer

Feed your brain by reading this summer.Yummy reads to keep your mind, and maybe your tummy, happy this summer.

Everyone knows that reading is good for your brain, but did you know that the brain is like a muscle? If you don’t feed it and work out regularly, it shrinks! Reading in the summer when kids are out of school is important to keep those brains growing all year round. Here are some yummy reads to keep your mind, and maybe your tummy, happy. 

Rutabaga: Adventure Chef by Eric Colossal (C)2015

Rutabaga is tired of the food offered locally, so decides to set off with his magical walking cauldron, Pot, to search out new and magical ingredients for his recipe book. Some recipes are included. Fans of Adventure Time should enjoy Rutabaga’s world and there are more to come in this graphic novel series. Recommended ages 8-12 years.

Can I Eat That? by Joshua David Stein (C)2016

Playful rhymes and illustrations ask if you could eat a “Pea, pear, bee, bear, mousse, moose, mouse, juice” and many more items! Great to read aloud and to talk about adventurous eating and reading. Recommended ages 2-5 years. 

Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe’s Weiner Getaway by Max Brallier and Rachel Maguire (C)2015

Cosmoe captains the space-faring food truck The Neon Wiener. He goes on fast-paced adventures with an alien and a maybe-evil princess and it’s frequently illustrated with the graphic style you’ll find on Poptropica. This is the first in a series. Max Brallier also wrote for Steven Universe and Funbrain. Recommended ages 8-12 years. 

The Young Chef: Recipes and Techniques For Kids Who Love To Cook by Max Ainsworth (C)2016

More than just a book of recipes, this great non-fiction title written in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America will teach kids proper safety and sanitary practices, how to think about substitutions when you don't have all the ingredients, the science of cooking and more. A great read for those fans of Teen Chopped. Recommended ages 10-14 years. 

Ten Hungry Pigs by Derek Anderson (C)2016

A pig and his duckling friend just want to enjoy their peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But another pig comes along and wants to add pickles. Another wants to add peas. Oh please! Piggy after piggy want to add crazy things to this sandwich until a wolf comes along and scatters them. Kids will be tickled and grossed out by the silly suggested toppings. Recommended ages 3-5 years. 

Kristi Madron has been a children's librarian for more than ten years and is currently working with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in the Mountain Island Branch.