4 Smart Steps for Playing Pokémon GO

Reminders for making sure kids can “catch ‘em all” without putting themselves in danger.

Pokémon GO has exploded in popularity since its introduction. More than 21 million daily users make it the biggest mobile game app ever. Though the augmented reality app gets people off their couches (the more places you go, the more Pokémons you can catch) it comes with safety concerns. TeenSafe offers these reminders for making sure kids can “catch ‘em all” without putting themselves in danger.

1. Be aware of surroundings. 

Remind players to frequently look up from their phones to make sure there’s nothing they are going to run into, and to be aware when crossing at intersections and of any cars that might be suspiciously following them.

2. Bring a portable charger. 

This ensures that parents can get a hold of their kids any time, any place, and provides peace of mind that you can find them if they wander too far.

3. Appropriate Poke Stops.

Some Poke Stops can be inappropriate. Teach kids to exercise caution near water and avoid crossing safety barricades, trespassing on private property and playing the game in inappropriate places, like cemeteries or churches. Provide a list of approved places.

4. Group effect. 

If possible, play the game with your kids so you can supervise (and bond!). If that’s not possible, advise your children go out in groups, or with another adult, and stick together.