4 Fun-Filled Books About Reading

Books that encourage young readers to love reading.

Reading together as a family is as much a summer tradition as trips to the pool and backyard barbecues. Cozy up with these four fun reading-themed books to encourage a love of reading.

"I Thought this Was a Bear Book" by Tara Lazar

In this modern take on a classic tale, Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear meet Prince Zilch, a little green creature who has crashed into the wrong book. Mama and Papa are quite eager to help Prince Zilch so that they can continue their search for blueberries. Ultimately, Baby Bear comes up with a surefire exit strategy, but he needs the reader’s help to execute his plan. Baby Bear really shakes things up and the entire Bear family is in for a shocking surprise when they return home! Goldilocks makes a cameo and provides hilarious commentary that readers will surely enjoy.

"Where Are My Books" by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Every night, Spencer’s beloved picture books are disappearing one by one. After searching everywhere, and questioning his mom and dad, he zeroes in on the suspected culprit and asks, “WHERE ARE MY BOOKS?” When his search comes up empty, Spencer devises a plan to catch the book thief and discovers that he isn’t the only one who loves a great story.

"The Good Little Book" by Kyo Maclear

In this sweet story, an unnamed boy encounters a book that becomes his ever-present companion. The boy reads his book over and over and never tires of reading it, that is, until something terrible happens. Children and adults will enjoy this beautifully illustrated, unique book that lives up to its title.

"Surf’s Up" by Kwame Alexander

Bro and Dude are two frogs who happen to be best friends. Dude is excited to catch some waves, but Bro, would rather read a book “about a man looking for a whale.” Dude thinks reading is boring, but as Bro continues to enjoy the story with occasional outbursts like “Wowie kazowie!” and “Whoa, Daddy-O!” Dude changes his mind. The sparse text, rapid action, and beautiful illustrations engage readers (and listeners) of all ages. It even gives the reader an excuse to put on his or her best surfer dude accent!


Alesha Lackey is a children's librarian with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.