4 Books That Celebrate Girl Power

Sharee Miller’s "Princess Hair" is a unique take on a popular picture book theme — princesses. Its charming illustrations depict a diverse group of girls enjoying various activities while highlighting the beauty their curls, afros, braids, and more. The princesses dance, draw, bake, play instruments, and even solve complex equations! "Princess Hair" is a perfect pick to promote body positivity in all children and encourage them to embrace the special traits that make them unique.

"The Library Book" is a picture book adaptation of “Library Song” by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark with illustrations by Chuck Groenink. If features an unnamed girl who knows the perfect place to spend a rainy Saturday — the library. After saying, “hi,” to the dictionary she meets many characters from classic children’s literature and together, they settle into her favorite chair for a day filled with fun and reading. Take a look at the front cover for the sheet music, or find the song on Youtube, and you’ll be singing along in no time!

"Be a Star, Wonder Woman!" is the third title in a collection of adorable DC Superheroes picture books by Michael Dahl. The books follow young children going about their daily routines as if they were there favorite superhero. A follow-up to "Good Morning, Superman" and "Bedtime for BatmanBe a Star, Wonder Woman!" does not disappoint. The girl in the story soars through her school day with courage, strength, kindness, and bravery, just like Wonder Woman, before returning home. The book even includes a checklist to for all young stars in the making.

Princess Cupcake Jones loves taking Madame’s ballet class with friends Violet, Jane, and Soleil. The girls rehearse their moves (and even do dance homework!) every day. Jitters abound when the girls learn that they must perform a tricky arabesque during an upcoming recital, but Princess Cupcake knows just who to call to help face her fears and encourage her friends.  Ylleya Fields' "Princess Cupcake Jones and the Dance Recital" is a relatable story of friendship, teamwork, and overcoming stage fright.

Alesha Lackey is the children’s services manager at Beatties Ford Road Regional Library with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. She is a full-time bookworm by day, and a part-time superhero- ballerina-princess by night!