3 Ways to Keep Kids Learning During Winter Break

Don't let your kids get sucked into an electronic abyss of devices over their school break.

Holiday breaks provide a welcome relief for the whole family, but if you’re not careful, kids can quickly get sucked into an electronic abyss of  devices. Here are tips to keep them learning during the time off:

1. Play Movie Reviewers.

Watch a fun family movie together from the Netflix queue or local cinema and then give the kids the task of playing “movie reviewer.” Have them write a list of things they liked (or didn’t like) about the movie. See our picks for holiday DVDs for movie inspiration.

2. Bake it Up.

Do your kids get inspired every time they watch “Cupcake Wars?” Research recipes for baked goods online or from your own cookbooks and go shopping to stock up on the needed ingredients. For some extra practice, require that the kids double the recipe they’ve selected. Here's a recipe to get you started.

3. Monopoly Madness.

Let your child assume the role of banker for some easy addition and subtraction practice.

Happy learning! Browse our calendar for more fun things to do over Winter Break.