3 Tips to Decompress for Less Stress

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Try these tips to make a bad day into a good one, and to help de-stress in those trying times.

1. Meditation.
The first tip I always suggest is meditation. Starting your day in stillness and peace is setting the tone for your whole day. In a five minute meditation you are training your mind by placing your attention on your breath, not engaging the thoughts, practicing being patient, and spending time with yourself, connecting with that deep place of calmness and strength. This time in the morning grounds you as you go into your day with the knowing you are carrying this peace with you. You’ve taken this precious time to be present with your breath; with yourself.

2. Breathe.
Give yourself permission to stop! Even in the most stressful or chaotic situations, I find that if I just take a small step back, close my eyes and focus on my breath, for just a minute, I find peace and relief. Many times we get caught up with the whirlwind of life and forget to breathe! Having this one small tip in your back pocket can bring so much clarity to your life.

3. Stay in the present moment.
Do not allow your mind to wander back to what has already transpired or forward to the “what ifs” of the future. Gently bring your mind back to the present, with your breath, an affirmation or your sacred mantra, to what is right now, and tackle any problem you may be experiencing from there. You are in control of your own mind, produce thoughts that are beneficial for your life in this very moment.

Barbara Schmidt is author of “The Practice.”