10 Things to Know from the Nov 1 Meeting of Mecklenburg County Commissioners

Over 2 hours of discussion in 5 minutes or less
via Flickr (woodleywonderworks)

The highly anticipated Nov. 1 meeting of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners didn’t actually result in a vote on whether or not to interfere with school board action on the first phase of student assignment.

But the commissioners did discuss the matter (with varying levels of coherency and understanding of the plan) for over 2 hours.

Here are 10 things you should know from that discussion, as told by some of the best social media posts of the evening. 


1. There was lots of talking.

It’s almost like she was gently reminding the commissioners that they’ll need to wrap up some time before next week.


2. In the short timeframe between putting student assignment on their meeting agenda and actually having the meeting, the public responded to the commissioners in a noticeable way.


3. Which is perhaps why some commissioners seemed to change, or at least soften, their original intention.


4. It appears that Commissioner Vilma Leake may miss her days of being on the Board of Education. 


5. But others were quick to point out that the two governing bodies have separate roles.


6. Superintendent Ann Clark showed up and did a lot of “clarifying.”


7. Which is probably because there were varying levels of commitment among the commissioners to understanding the student assignment plan as a plan rather than as a platform for pontification and/or reelection.


8. Oh, and Commissioner Jim Puckett compared poor kids to germs again, but this time with a different analogy.


9. Puckett also reminded everyone that the commissioners control school district funds.

Just in case we had forgotten.


10. In the end, though, nothing came of the 2+ hour student assignment discussion.


BONUS: But their outfits were more entertaining than the school board’s, so there’s that…