What should I do if my child breaks a bone?

Brokebones 315

A. Children are active, adventurous and not always careful. That combination, unfortunately, may lead to broken bones or fractures. Falling off a skateboard or bike, crashing down from the playground jungle gym or colliding with another soccer player are common scenarios leading to broken bones. Fractures frequently happen in summertime when kids spend more time outdoors and they increase their time for activities with friends. With most severe breaks, your child will experience sharp pain and you will most likely be aware that a bone is broken. However, in many cases-especially if the fracture is small-your child may not feel pain at all and you won’t know if a bone is broken. Children’s bones are also extremely pliable, which means a bone could bend, rather than break. If an accident or injury has occurred, it’s best to bring your child to the doctor or emergency room for an examination and X-rays. Without timely treatment of a fracture, such as a cast or splint, the bone will begin to heal itself-often in a compromised position.


Amirah Shareef, MD
Carolinas HealthCare Children’s Urgent Care

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