What Kids Like and Don't Like Parents to Do

Kids across the country weigh in on what they like and don't like their parents to do.
Arguing With Teen
No surprise, kids DON'T like to be lectured!

Since you're reading this, I want to first commend you for being a caring parent who wants to find out what kids really like and don't like their parents to do. You have taken the first step.

As a kid myself, I have to say that sometimes we kids can think that our parents are not in touch with our feelings. This is why I decided to ask kids between the ages of 12-18 in my monthly national online survey how they feel about their parents so that I could share the results with you in hopes that you just might want to know and that it might change if you are doing something you know your kids don't like. (I feel like I'm the go-between, so please don't be mad at the messenger.)


1. Give us freedom. This doesn't meant to let us go wild, but this means to trust us sometimes and let us have some independence. We also don't want you to be "helicopter parents" because we need to learn to be self-sufficient and resourceful.

2. Respect our privacy. Don't look through our phones without reason and without telling us. You wouldn't want us to look through your phone without asking, right?

3. Support us in what we want to do and BE. Teenage years are stressful enough without feeling like we have to do and be everything you want us to. We are not you and we need to find ourselves and what we enjoy and are good at. Let us experience and try new things because we might surprise you! Also, you want us to have our own opinions so please try to understand when we don't agree with you.


1. Lecture us. If anything, being lectured by a parent does the opposite of what you want it to do. If you want us to listen, please talk WITH us and not AT us. You would like this better too, right?

2. Fight with us. Our best advice… pick your battles! We admit that we can be disagreeable and stubborn, but back to my previous point, we may not do everything the way you'd like us to, but it doesn't always mean we are wrong.

3. Not listen to us. Sometimes we feel that you don't really listen to us and what matters to us when you interrupt or dismiss us. We will also share more with you if you listen to us without judgment.

The relationship between parents and their pre-teens and teenagers can be tricky, but I hope these tips can help you to better understand what we need and like. Thanks for reading! I know your kids will appreciate it.

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