What Concerns Kids?

Teens share their concerns about the 2016 election and other current events.

As a teenager myself, I know how frustrating it can be to have your opinions overlooked when it comes to important issues that seem to be "irrelevant" to kids. But as the real world approaches, things like paying for college, getting a job and deciding on a career path are all concerns that are becoming increasingly relevant for my peers and me. This is why I decided to reach out to kids, ages 12-18, of all different backgrounds across the country to try and bridge the gap between kids and their parents.

By giving parents insight into the minds of kids, common disagreements and issues they face everyday can be handled in such a way where the kid's voices are heard; and parents can understand and help their kids more than ever before.

The latest #FKP poll investigates kids concerns on current events and issues in today's society to let parents know how their kids are feeling affected. I shared results live on Fox News "Good Day Charlotte," which you can see in the clip below.

When it comes to viewpoints on the election, poll participants felt very strongly that they should be allowed to have their own opinions. Parents can encourage kids to do more research on the issues to become more knowledgeable, but kids do not want to be forced to have to follow their parents political party just because you say so. Parents should be happy that we care enough about our country to have an opinion and to want to get involved.

We need you to know, however, that when we watch or read about the news, and hear about things like terrorists attacks, gun violence, global warming or bad things that politicians do or say, it affects us. We know that these things can have an impact our life now and in the future. For example, we need to know that we will be able to get a good education from teachers who are well paid, that we can afford to pay for college, and that there will be jobs out there for us after graduation! Below are more results and stats from the latest #FKP poll.

Presidential Election and Political Issues

  • Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they fear that regardless of who wins, “they won’t be able to work together to make positive changes,” and that our politicians do not have good values.  The second most popular concern about the election is that Trump will win, with 59% of kids are supporting Clinton Of the current political issues being talked about, kids are most concerned with foreign affairs and the economy.

Gun Control and Gun Safety

  • Seventy percent of kids said they are concerned that there are not enough restrictions on buying guns Most kids said they feel extremely sad about to amount of gun violence going on in America and are worried there will be some kind of gun violence at their school.


  • Seventy percent of kids think that terrorism is getting worse.
  • Forty-five percent of kids feel unsafe when traveling or when in a large crowd or place that could be a target.

School, College, and Peer Pressure

  • Most kids are concerned that they won’t get good enough grades to get into a substantial college, and that they aren't learning about how to be successful after college in school
  • It was nice to discover that the lowest concerns from kids were about not having friends or feeling left out, however, 30 percent of kids feel like they're being pressured to do things, like drugs or drinking, that they don’t want to do.

Family Issues

  • It was surprising that the number one concern of kids when it comes to family issues, was that they are not spending enough time together as a family.
  • On the other hand, 30% of kids did say they feel like they don't get along with either their parents or a sibling.


  • While most kids are not concerned about religion, the ones who are felt like their religion does not represent everyone equally, and doesn't keep up with today's modern society.

Other Concerns

  • Some kids wrote in that they are concerned about kid napping and the prevalence of rape, while others said they are concerned with well-being of future generations.


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