Top 5 Teething Tips for Baby

Ease the pain of new teeth growing in.
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No parents want to see their baby crying from discomfort and pain due to new teeth growing in. The teething stage is difficult for babies who will chew on anything in hopes of getting some relief for their sore gums! The problem is, how do parents know what is safe for babies to be putting in their mouths? Below are five top teething tips for baby.

1. Offer chilled fruit to baby.

The cold texture of pieces of chilled fruit like bananas, strawberries, or melons can provide soothing relief to baby. For safety, place the pieces of fruit in a mesh bag first to prevent baby from choking on small pieces. Make sure whatever you give to baby is not completely frozen because if it’s too hard, it can damage baby’s gums.

2. Choose the right teething toys.

You can let your child choose which teether he prefers using, but try to pick a toy made with food-grade silicone that is BPA free.

3. Rub baby’s gums.

Just using your (clean!) finger to gently massage baby’s gums can provide some great relief. Apply light pressure on the gums and don’t be surprised if baby tries to gnaw on your finger.

4. Use a washcloth.

You can take a dampened washcloth or a washcloth soaked in apple juice and give it to your baby to chew on if you don’t have a teether on hand. You can also wrap your finger in the washcloth and then use it to gently rub baby’s gums.

5. Use a baby-safe crib rail cover.

Babies love to chew whatever is in front of them, and this can mean the crib rail. You don’t know what toxins can be found in the crib’s materials so it’s a good idea to use a rail cover — but make sure it’s safe for baby! 

Jennifer Cicci is founder of Babee Talk.