Three Quirky Picture Books to Make You Smile

New picture books to share with toddlers and preschoolers.

These new picture book releases are sure to make you smile, and would also make great gifts!

King Baby by comic Kate Beaton is a humorous tale that will resonate with every family.  King Baby is a demanding, yet benevolent, ruler.  He blesses his subjects with smiles and laughs, and in return he forcefully requests that he be held, fed, bounced, and constantly entertained.  But like all baby boys, King Baby will soon become a Big Boy.  Who will reign over his kingdom now that he is no longer King Baby?  Luckily Queen Baby is arriving on the scene.  Parents and children alike will find something familiar in King Baby, and that feeling of recognition is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Leave Me Alone! By Vera Brosgol is a quirky story about a grandmother who lives in a small house with her very large family.  Winter is coming, and the old woman has knitting to do.  Unfortunately, she cannot seem to find the peace and quiet needed to accomplish her tasks.  “Leave me alone!” the old woman shouts, as she begins her journey to find some alone time.  The old woman packs her things and travels through woods, over mountains, to outer space, and finally through a wormhole, where she is able to knit in solitude.  Traditional illustrations, combined with a somewhat unorthodox storyline, make this children’s book stand out as one of the most memorable of 2016.  

We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen is the third and final book in his “Hat” trilogy, and it does not disappoint.  Two turtles are out strolling together when they come upon a hat.  They are both enamored of the hat, but there is only one hat, and two of them.  The turtles decide that the only fair thing to do is to leave it behind.  However, one turtle cannot stop thinking about that hat.  Will he go back and take the hat for himself?  The sweet ending to this series will delight readers of all ages.