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Traveling and the New Red Tape

Since September 11th, we have been subject to many new security precautions. Knowing the alternatives, most of us understand we must tolerate these new regulations, along with whatever extra time and energy they require. But, as parents, we now have even more "red tape" to get used to. We have researched some of the new rules for you to help you become more aware and better prepared for your child’s next trip.

Sushi 101 - Noodle Sushi Bar

Sushi is a hard sell for most kids, but Sushi 101-Noodle Sushi Bar, tucked away in the Shops at Woodlawn Road, came highly recommended by friends, so we decided to give it a try and "noodle" reassured us that our son would find something other than sushi on the menu.

Jolina Tex Mex Kitchen & BBQ

Jolina occupies a great uptown location on South College Street. It sits adjacent to Fuel Pizza — part of the same restaurant group — and is surrounded by trendy new office and apartment blocks. Given this, one would expect the place to be buzzing 24/7. Unfortunately, when we went it was empty. Nervy and suspicious is how I feel when walking into an uninhabited restaurant during peak time, which in our case was 6:45 p.m. on a Wednesday night. Despite this, I am happy to forgive them; midweek can

Join the Club! 5 Island Kids Clubs

With more hotels adding kids’ programs these days, we took a look at some super destinations with children in mind. Here are our top choices for island family resorts with Kids Clubs that pass the test!

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