The Best Time of Day

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In 1957, singer Nappy Brown recorded the song “Night Time is the Right Time.” Ray Charles sang his version of the rhythm-and-blues piece a year later. “The Cosby Show” had the family lip-sync to the song in one of the most popular episodes. I bring this up because this song means a lot to me. Ever since my children Brayden and Sage came along, this song reminds me of when it is time to take a deep breath and relax.

Having two children is the most awesome experience of my life. But between driving them to and from school, changing diapers, making meals, bathing, cleaning up, picking up from falls, kissing boo-boos and tucking in, it is enough to tucker out Charisse and me. That’s why there is no sweeter time in the Snyder household than 9 p.m. By then, the kids are in bed, and the energy in the house comes way down. (I know, you’re thinking 9 o’clock! Isn’t that a little late? Well, sometimes we get them asleep by 8:30 p.m.)

Anyway, nighttime is the right time for adult time. It’s a time for Charisse and me to reintroduce ourselves, perhaps snuggle, perhaps talk about the kids, or even (gasp!) about subjects other than Sage and Brayden – although the conversation usually gets back to the Prince and Princess.

I know I should make every moment of adult time count. Unfortunately, many times I’m so pooped, I end up plopped down on the couch, vegging out in front of the television. Our conversation is about important things like whether or not we should turn the channel or what junk food we should eat.

In a way, it is hilarious. I find myself turning into my own father. But it is relaxing. There are only two things completely forbidden: one, getting ice from the automatic icemaker because the noise that it makes could wake our neighbors three houses away, let alone Sage and Brayden; and, two, anything else that makes noise because the most important thing about adult time is making sure the kids’ sleep time is undisturbed.

Bruce Snyder is sports director at Fox Charlotte. He and his wife, Charissse; 4-year-old daughter, Sage; and 1-year-old son, Brayden, live in Charlotte.