Thanksgiving Headdress

Headdresswhite 315

One sheet of brown construction paper
Sheets of various and brightly-colored construction paper


1. With the help of a ruler, cut a vertical strip from the brown construction paper that is two inches wide.  (Parents:  You may need to help with the scissors.)

2. With the help of a ruler, cut six vertical strips from the colored construction paper of your choice.  Try to get as many different colors as you can!

3. Position one of the colored strips vertically in front of you.  With the help of a ruler, draw ten horizontal, evenly-spaced lines that are a half inch wide, on the left side of the strip.  Repeat on the right side.  Cut the strip along these lines.

4. Repeat with the other five colored strips.  You should end up with six Indian feathers!

5. Lay the brown paper strip horizontally in front of you.  In the center of the strip, tape each feather vertically.

6. For extra fun, add designs to the brown strip using markers!

7. Take one end of the brown strip and curve it to meet the other end.  Tape the two ends together.  (Parents:  Your child may need you to help so the brown strip fits around your child’s head.)

8. Try on your headdress and wear it to the Thanksgiving feast!