Teens Drive Smart Tour in Charlotte

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Parents of teens who are soon to have their driver’s license listen up: The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart tour is coming to Charlotte next weekend, Sept. 6 and 7. The FREE half-day workshop is designed as a hands-on training session to teach new drivers how to better handle themselves on the road, including how to avoid accident situations, eliminate distracted driving behaviors and basic vehicle maintenance (bonus!).

Seems like a great way to build on the basics teens learn in driver’s ed. Participants can expect group discussion on making smart decisions when behind the wheel, as well as hands-on driving exercises staged on a safe, closed course at the Z-MAX Dragway in Concord, that show the dangers of multitasking behind the wheel, as well as ways to react quickly and safely in dangerous driving situations, such as if they start to spin out in a rainstorm.

The workshop is led by highly trained driving instructors with motorsports backgrounds and test track experience. The instructors are able to show life-saving driving concepts, allow the attendees to have hands-on experience, and offer constructive feedback. Oh and did I mention they do all this behind the wheel of a BMW? When’s the Parents Drive Smart tour?

All participants must bring their learner’s permit or driver’s license. Sessions are filling up, so sign up now. Learn more and register at TeensDriveSmartTour.com.