Suitcase-worthy reads to pack for travel

Whether you’re headed to the beach, mountains, or plan a staycation, these books for middle and upper elementary grades will entertain!

Summer is almost here!  Children and parents are eager to have a lengthy rest from the busy school routine.  The following books are sure to compliment the fun-filled days ahead!


The Fourteenth Goldfish

by Jennifer Holm


There’s something strangely familiar about the boy Ellie’s mom brings home. He’s bossy, cranky, and oddly looks like her scientist grandfather!  Could this awkward teenager be Grandpa Melvin?  Has he discovered the secret of eternal youth?  With humor and real-life circumstances, this story that covers topics of science, history, and family will inspire!  Ellie’s “Gallery of Scientists” with mini-biographies at the end of the book include Jonas Salk and Marie Curie among other great inventors and scientists.



by Sharon Creech


Written in verse and prose, this story draws you into the life of Reena and Luke, siblings whose family has moved from the city to a small town in Maine.  They befriend an eccentric elderly woman by helping to take care of her animals including an ornery cow named Zora.  The two bond with Mrs. Falala (pronounced Fuh-LA-la) and her cow and become fond of their new endeavor.  Funny and poignant with short chapters and vivid writing keep you page-turning and never bored as the characters unfold and embrace their new landscape.  Great story of kindness and believing that if you give something new and unexpected a chance, the results may surprise you in amazing ways!


Book Scavenger

by Jennifer Chambliss

Get ready for adventure seeking, clues, and new friendship! Emily is not thrilled when her parents announce the move to San Francisco until she learns that it is the home of her literary idol and online game developer Garrison Griswold.  Emily is a dedicated player of the book trading game “Book Scavenger."  When she meets fellow cipher-decoder and clue hunter James, they discover a mysterious book that contains information about Griswold’s newly created game and try to uncover why he was mugged.  Bring along the sequel “The Unbreakable Code” for more mystery and adventure!  Check out the official website at to find out about how you can participate in book hunts and much more.