Store-Bought Lemonade: Our Taste Test Results

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Lemonade That Makes the Grade

Whether your kids are setting up a lemonade stand or you're simply craving that fresh lemony taste, how do you know which lemonade brand to choose? We laid out a blind taste test of five different lemonade brands and put our staff and editors on grading duty. See who came out on top. 

A: Simply Lemonade

40 cents per 8-ounce cup

"It tastes fresh and I love that it has pulp in it. I would definitely buy this one."
"Sweet and light — not tart!" 
"Tastes the closest to fresh-squeezed lemonade at the fair. Far and away the best!" 

B:  Minute Maid Premium Frozen Lemonade

25 cents per 8-ounce cup

"Its not too sweet, it makes you pucker your lips from the tartness. It has a freshly squeezed taste."
"Not too sweet or sour." 
"Love it, it's really tart. Color seems most natural." 

C:  Tropicana Premium Lemonade

35 cents per 8-ounce cup

"It tastes real, but very sweet." 
"Sweet and fresh." 
"Like the freshness of it but it has an aftertaste." 

D: Country Time Powder Lemonade

13 cents per 8-ounce cup

"Tart and tangy, it looks lime green!" 
"Sweet — tastes kind of fake."

F:  Turkey Hill Lemonade

20 cents per 8-ounce cup

"Is this even lemonade?" 
"Way too sweet, not enough lemon." 
"Tastes fake — like punch." 
"Tastes like cheap powdered mix."