Sorting and Saving the School Year's Memories

With the school year coming to a close, I'm reflecting on how much my son has grown in 180 short days. He looked so small that first day getting on the bus his first day of kindergarten, and now his legs look so long as he enthusiastically skips to get onboard each morning. I find as he gets bigger, I'm snapping fewer and fewer photos of him. It's hard to document all the cute moments and even harder to sort through and organize all the pictures, projects and keepsakes … but it's worth it.

He earned an award at school this week for enthusiasm. I almost cried as he proudly marched up to the stage to get his certificate. And now I have that certificate at home and a picture of him proudly smiling holding his certificate, but where/how do I keep all this stuff. Tomorrow is Portfolio Sharing Day. I can't wait to see all the work he's done at school this year and am certain I'll want to keep a lot of that too. Sometimes I wonder why keep it all, but then I see pictures of friends' kids who are graduating high school who just yesterday started kindergarten, or so it feels. I want to remember this little projects and progressions, successes and achievements.

So with all that gushing said, it's time to make a plan on how to organize. I reached out to organizer XXXX who suggests these ways to get it all sorted and saved. (My husband is going to love me even more if I actually accomplish this "clutter" clean-up).