Sex & Sensibility



Not only might it make a great first line of just about any written piece on the internet*, but it’s also one of the most important aspects of any adult, coupled relationship.

Whether you’re having sex or not. If you’re having too much, or too little. If your partner doesn’t understand what you want, if you don’t understand your partner’s desire. Sex can help cement a relationship together or it can provide the power to blow one to pieces.
event flier for Sex & Sensibility
To make matters even more difficult, we rarely actually just sit down to talk to people about sex. There might be some whispered “hurrhurrhurr” jokes or brags, but when was the last time you participated in some honest, conversational, discussions about sex with anyone? Much less with the person you’re having sex with? Or even with someone who’s an actual expert in the subject?

Luckily for you, that sort of great conversation is something you can get hold of this very week.

Sex & Sensibility is a tremendous lecture/discussion/forum hosted by Mintview Women’s Care. It’s being held at the Visulite Theater, 165 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte, from 6-9 pm on Thursday night, March 27.

A little due dilligence here: My wife, known to most as Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones, is not only a partner at Mintview, but will be the main speaker for the event. I am not, however, going to be benefiting from the event. I’m only talking about it here because I happen to agree with my wife, who is a recognized expert in female sexual health and wellness, that talking about sex is one of the best ways toward creating the healthy sex life you deserve.

Tickets for the event are only $10 and can be purchased either at the event or in advance, from Eventbrite. To buy a ticket in advance, click here to go to the Sex & Sensibility ticket sales site.

I can’t stress enough how much fun this lecture/discussion is going to be for audience members. I worked with the presenter on creating the presentation and it is — at points — hilarious. At just about every single point, more importantly, it’s informative and will tell you the things you’ve never known about sex and never even knew you needed to know.

One major issue for men and women in long-term relationships is that, over time, many women’s desire can change from spontaneous desire to responsive desire. That is, when they first get together with someone, they might be putting the moves on him or her all the time. They can be the initiator because their arousal and desire is right there, always on, always ready to go.

As the months and years go by, however, that arousal can change to the point where it only arises when first spurred on by someone else. That is, they will become aroused if they are responding to a trigger presented by someone else. If then.

Arousal and desire for most men is a relatively simple thing. Is the wind blowing? Yes? Great, let’s go get it on. It’s not blowing? Great, let’s go get it on.

Arousal in women, though, can be something completely different. Sexual arousal in women, especially in long-term relationships, is all tied up with who did the laundry, and if the groceries are all picked up and what’s for dinner tomorrow and etc. etc.

Eventually, some women even feel as if their libido has, well, died.

The good news is this is the sort of death that can be overcome. Sex & Sensibility is all about how women can go about resurrecting their desire for sex, how they can use their surroundings and the one they love to reignite their love lives.

See what I mean? Is there really any reason to miss this lecture? No, I don’t think so. Especially when the tiny $10 admission fee includes free appetizers and a swag bag of goodies.

Go on. Give it a shot. What’s three hours of your time and $10 of your money when compared to the rewards of a healthy, energetic sex life? 

Footnotes & Errata
* It most certainly does.