Safe Exercises to do While Pregnant

If you’re worried about being able to stay active while pregnant, don’t.  Here are some low impact, safe exercises that you can easily work into your schedule and do during the stages of your pregnancy.

Swimming: Many health care providers and professionals say swimming is the safest exercise for pregnant women.  While swimming you’re keeping your body toned and raising your heart rate without putting stress on your joints or overheating.

Walking: A beneficial workout that is also safe for your body because it’s easier on your knees than running and can be easily worked into your schedule.  Wear good shoes and be sure to stretch before you begin.

Prenatal Yoga: These classes are ideal and have become more popular for pregnant women.  Yoga not only helps with balance, toning your muscles and circulation, it is also ideal because it helps you learn to breath deeply and relax.  Yoga will help your body deal with stress, a benefit during birth and after and help your mind stay in a positive, motivated state.

Bicycling:  A stationary bike is key to keep you from falling and the best thing to support your weight so there is less stress on your body. Go slowly and don’t over exert yourself!

Weight Lifting: Just think of all the heavy lifting you’ll be doing after the baby comes and how beneficial strengthening your muscles surrounding those joints would be to do while you’re waiting for the baby to arrive. The amount of weight you’re lifting should be low but you can increase the repetitions. Remember to keep breathing while you lift so you don’t increase your blood pressure and decrease the flow of blood to your baby.

Prenatal Aerobics: Take classes specifically for pregnant women and make sure you choose low impact exercises.  No jumping, high kicks, running or laying on your back. There are DVDs you can do as well but you’ll enjoy the company of other expectant mothers and a professional instructor who knows how to keep you and your baby safe.