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We had no plans on New Year’s Eve, which seemed perfect at first. Just a long, relaxing evening by the fire, watching the ball drop and reading and playing games in our pajamas. This plan entertained our 6-year-old for about 10 minutes. How long until midnight?

Thankfully, I’d spent some of those 10 blissful minutes perusing Facebook, and a friend’s post mentioned a tradition her family has. They make a resolution time capsule each New Year’s Eve, to be opened the following New Year’s Eve.

Perfect. And completely adaptable. The time capsule can be anything-a box, a jar, an envelope. It can be buried in the yard, placed on a shelf, or stored in a drawer. It doesn’t even have to be done on New Year’s Eve-a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any milestone date would work. The important thing is that each member of the family writes down a goal.  We didn’t read one another’s goals, just placed them inside the capsule and sealed it up.

Our capsule is a jar. I’ve been saving small jars for projects, and we chose a tall thin one. To decorate the jar-and conceal the resolutions inside-we covered it with Mod Podge and wrapped it with colored yarn. You could also decorate with paper, stickers, beads, rocks, paint or anything you have on hand.


To seal the jar, we dipped the lid in more Mod Podge and screwed it on.  We haven’t tried to open it, but it seems stuck. For now, the jar sits on a windowsill in our house, a visual reminder of the private goals inside.

Next year, if the lid is as secure as it seems, we’ll be smashing it open to read and share our goals. And we have something to do on New Year’s Eve.

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