Privacy Solutions for Glass Doors

Keep nosy neighbors at bay.

Decorative glass doors create a beautiful focal point to your home but there are privacy issues associated with them. You may not be someone who likes to walk around au natural, but perhaps there are times when you just don't want people to see inside. The most common solution people have used over the years is sheer curtains gathered tightly between rods at the top and bottom of the window. While that works, you may want to try something different.

The solution I used in my own home was creating fake stained glass windows using a craft product called Gallery Glass. First you make whatever outline design you want using their peel and stick "lead" lines. Then you fill in the spaces with their Gallery Glass paint. I used the frosted glass that dries clear and opaque, but you can use colors if you want the look of traditional stained glass. For those without the craft gene, you could skip the leaded glass lines and just paint the gallery glass all over the window to simply obscre the view without any decorative element. If you ever want to change the pattern, it is easy to remove.

Another option for the crafting challenged is peel and stick window film. You can purchase it at Home Depot or Lowes in a variety of patterns and colors. Just like contact paper, you measure off the size piece you need, peel off the back, and carefully apply it to the interior window surface. It is a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution.

Another option is to hang draperies by the front door. The fabric creates a welcoming touch to the foyer and when you want privacy you simply pull them closed. This is also helpful if you have a door that is drafty, since it will provide an extra layer of insulation from the weather outside. I have used this solution in several client's homes and they really love it.

The final option is adding shutters to the outside of your front door. This is very common in southern states where hurricane risks are high, but it looks elegant anywhere. The only downside is that you don't have the option of closing or opening the shutters without stepping outside. The shutters need to be pulled closed and latched before you even close your front door, and that doesn't work if there is a sudden need for privacy.

Do you have any other solutions for creating privacy on glass doors? Please share them with the readers in the comments section below.