Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences


What information should I hope to learn about my child from the parent-teacher conference next week? Also, what questions should I ask?

— Preparing

Conferences are a great place for getting important information. Before the conference, make sure you are very familiar with the work your child brings home each day. This is a big clue to how well your child is doing in school and will eliminate most surprises. Also, ask your child if he or she has any concerns you should bring up at the meeting.

At the conference, expect to get an overall picture of how well your child is adjusting this year. If you don’t get answers to the following questions, ask them yourself:

• Is my child performing at, above, or below grade level?

• Is my child being challenged or struggling with the academic work?

• What are my child’s special strengths and weaknesses in the classroom?

• Has my child taken achievement, intelligence, or aptitude tests in the past year? What do the scores indicate?

• Does my child need special help in any subjects?

• Can we look over some of my child’s work together?