Popsicle-Stick Ornaments

Work on fine-motor skills making these popsicle-stick ornaments.
Julie Loven
Three popsicle sticks, some silver paint pens, and pipe cleaners plus some sparkly additions come together to make snowflake ornaments.

All you need are popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, glue, markers, and adhesive rhinestones for sparkle.  


Snowflake:  Glue three blue popsicle sticks together in the center in a snowflake shape. Wrap a silver pipe cleaner around the center to bind reinforce. With a silver metallic marker, draw the desired pattern onto the snowflake. Add adhesive rhinestones for extra sparkle.


Reindeer: Use a brown marker to color three popsicle sticks. Glue them together asymmetrically making a triangle. Using a red pipe cleaner, wind a portion of it into a circle to create the red nose. Glue the “nose” to the bottom V of the triangle. Draw eyes with a silver market, and use a black marker to color the pupils. Finish by adding grey pipe cleaner horns to the top stick.


Christmas Tree:  Arrange five green popsicle sticks in a fan shape, gluing each to the one below. Use colored pipe cleaners wound in small circular shapes for the ornaments, and a yellow pipe cleaner to make a star. Add a few adhesive rhinestones for sparkle.


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