Playground Review: E.B. Moore Park

Playground Ebmoore Copy

E.B. Moore Park
901 Marsh Road

Play at E.B. Moore Park
The mulch-covered playground has two small play sets. Preschoolers can climb a small arched monkey bar ladder onto a play set deck, and then go down a curved slide or through the tunnel to two more slides. Stepping stools connect one platform to the other, which gives kids a chance to work on their balancing skills. The second play set includes side-by-side slides for bigger kids and more monkey bars for climbing. There are no swings. If you have kids older than 8, bring a soccer or football for kicking around in the adjacent playing field.

The Scoop
• Bathrooms: Yes
• Baby swings: No
• Shade: No
• Parking: Yes
• Stroller-friendly: Yes
• Picnic shelters: Yes

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