Olympic Star Encourages Local Students to Go Fit for Life

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I’m a believer in the positive benefits of exercise and eating well. Combined, they help improve not just physical well-being, but mental and emotional happiness too. With more than one-third of children and adolescents overweight or obese, instilling healthy lifestyle habits are so important to help children turn around bad habits and reduce the risk of developing diseases related to obesity.

Huntingtowne Farms Elementary is promoting healthy habits throughout its student population, beginning Monday, Sept. 29, in a two-week challenge sponsored by SUBWAY® restaurants. To kick off the Go Fit for Life challenge, runner and 2012 Olympic silver medalist Manteo Mitchell will talk with students to stress the importance of healthy habits and lead a relay activity.

Students are provided free materials to track their good eating and physical activity choices. As Subway Fit for Life participants, a class has the opportunity to go to a special RunJumpThrow event presented by the USA Track & Field organization in November. RunJumpThrow is a high-energy, interactive half-day of activity that gets students excited about being physically active, incorporating the basic skills of track and field along with music, dancing and instruction.

And for ideas on how to get moving with your family, check out our Wellness page with tips on how to eat well, make healthy snacks and exercise as a family. Then be sure to check back in the spring to join in our Fit Family Challenge to win big prizes while creating a healther lifestyle for your family.