NAPPA Top Toys for 2008 – Ages 7 & Up


Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro, Spin Master, $29.99;; ages 8 and up. This amazing remote-control car can drive up a wall or even on a ceiling! High-speed air flowing under the car creates a suction effect, while the remote control directs the car forward, backward or in circles.

ArtLab Car Design Studio, SmartLab Toys, $22.99;; ages 7 and up. Choose from six acetate car bodies and accessorize them with spoilers, rims, etc. Place your design on the mini light table, trace and color. Use the instructional book to help learn shading techniques and hints to create an awesome auto.

Top Holiday Family Fun ToyBoochie, Gamewright, $34.99;; ages 8 and up. A fun twist on bocce, this game is played by throwing a multi-sided ball and having players throw their bean balls and hoops to land the closest to the target ball. A wrist-mounted scorekeeper gives directions on “how” to throw (standing on one leg, rolling it off your head, tossing with eyes closed, etc.).

EyeClops Night Vision, Jakks Pacific, $79.99;; ages 8 and up. Become a super sleuth and find anybody or anything in the dark of night! This hands-free headset, worn like goggles, uses infrared technology and an LCD screen to reveal details in total darkness up to 50 feet away.

Uberstix Scavenger Series Pirate Ship & UFO and Uberstix Scavenger Series Landshark & Dragster, Uberstix, $14.99 each;; ages 7 and up. These ingeniously designed building pieces require children to incorporate recyclable household items – such as plastic bottles, Popsicle sticks, straws and paper clips – into their structures to build a pirate ship or UFO. The Uberstix also work well with other major building systems, such as LEGO or K’NEX. Children get to unleash their imaginations and explore ways to play with more than one toy or brand at a time.

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