NAPPA Top Toys for 2008 – Ages 5 & Up


Crayola Digital Camcorder, Sakar International, $59.99;; ages 5 and up. This child-size camcorder doesn’t require technical know-how. Kids can record video or take still photos with the push of a button. They can play video back on the built-in screen, on a TV or a computer monitor. All options are easy. An SD memory card is needed (sold separately). The camcorder also comes with software for adding special effects, music and borders. The quality is surprisingly good – a great value for the price!

Face-Off Frenzy PowerBand Hockey, FunSlides Toys and Games, $39.99;; ages 6 and up. Whether on a carpet, the floor or a table top, the puck glides easily and bounces off the game frame’s elastic-band sides for fun air hockey-style play.

Karito Kids World Collection: Piper Whelan Doll and Book, KidsGive, $99.99;; ages 6 and up. Piper is a 21-inch doll representing a fictional young environmentalist from Australia. She is impeccably designed with exquisite hair to style and extraordinary facial features. Comes with a story book and some of the proceeds go to charity.

Paradise Horses and Barn Buddies, Paradise Kids, $49.99 (horses), $19.99 (buddies);; ages 5 and up. Young horse enthusiasts will relish equestrian play with these show-quality horses and figures.

Royal Rescue, Educational Insights, $24.99;; ages 5 and up. Pictorial puzzles show the starting positions of a knight and princess along with the building blocks needed to create the route to reunite the royal pair. Four levels of play help children advance their logical thinking through skill-building fun.

Triker Rocker, Q-Int B.V., $199;; ages 6 and up. This three-wheeled low-rider gives kids the power to turn using their own bodies – lean left and it turns left; lean right and it turns right. The pedals extend in front for a recumbent position, the inner-tube tires make for a smooth ride and coaster brakes provide simple stopping. The solidly built frame is coated steel.

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