Movies under the stars at Belmont Drive-in

Belmont 315

The Belmont Drive-in Theater is open for the season, and easy to reach from Charlotte (approximately 25 minutes from uptown). Drive-ins like Belmont’s are becoming a rare gem and are a great way to connect with the family. With tickets priced at $2-$5, it’s a great bargain, too. Tickets give you access to two featured screenings with a short intermission in between. Children are allowed to play in the front field before the movie starts and during intermission. Movies kick off at dusk with a family-friendly feature. The movie audio is broadcast to a local FM station, so you can tune in your stereo and control the volume level as you see fit. The family atmosphere is unbeatable and a concession stand full of traditional movie snacks as well as corndogs, hamburgers and fries is available. It is recommended that you arrive early to avoid long lines and for optimal parking.

Belmont Drive-in
314 McAdenville Road, Belmont