Mother’s Day Crafts


Fuzzy Flower Craft

You Will Need:
3 pipe cleaners per flower
(1 needs to be color other that green)
An unsharpened pencil or pen with lid.

1.) Wind a pipe cleaner around the pencil so looks like a spring.
2.) Slide the pipe cleaner off the pencil and stretch it out a little. Hook and twist the ends together to form a coiled circle.
3.) Bend the second pipe cleaner in half. Hook it through the flower. Tightly twist it down its entire length to form the stem.
4.) For the leaves, Twist the third pipe cleaner around the stem as if you were fastening on a twist tie. Shape the ends into leaves.
5.) Repeat to make more than one.

Hint: Making several of these flowers would make for a beautiful bouquet for mom!

Ideas taken for this craft from “The New Jumbo Book of Easy Crafts” Written by Judy Ann Saddler Illustrated by Caroline Price. Kids Can Press 2009.