Mompreneur Bridget Dixon

Bridget E. Dixon
Husband Craig,
Daughter Ella, 3, Son Colin, 1.

Ellla Elise Stationery
Fine stationery.

How long in business:
Three years.

What inspired you to go into
business for yourself?

Six years ago I ordered my wedding invitations in a local retail store. When I walked out, I said to my husband “I think I just found my calling.” I may have been more excited about the prospect of owning my own stationery store than the invitations I had just ordered!

Who is your mentor?
All three of my sisters. They are who I keep in mind when I am working with my clients or developing new products. They are my biggest critics, my biggest supporters and they represent my client-base.

Advantages of being a
business owner:

Owning my own business and keeping my own hours ensures that I don’t miss a single moment with my husband and kids. My family will always be my first priority and having my own company allows me to honor my primary responsibilities.

What’s most important when
starting your own business?

Undoubtedly, the most important thing for me was the support of my husband. Having my husband cheering me on enabled me to manage running a business and a household simultaneously.

Advice for women
starting a business?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and definitely build relationships with your suppliers. They all treat me like a multi-million dollar corporation instead of a mom working out of her home studio. They have helped make my business a success.

Meaghan Clark is web editor of Charlotte Parentmagazine.